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Star Wars Uncut

Star Wars Uncut

Star Wars Uncut

7 Videos

  • Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope

    Star Wars Uncut is a crazy fan mashup remake of the original Star Wars movies. In 2009, Casey Pugh was inspired to use the Internet and an ever-ready pool of passionate Star Wars fans to crowdsource the classic film Star Wars IV: A New Hope. This pet project turned into a labor of love and creati...

  • Star Wars Uncut: The Empire Strikes Back

    We wanted to keep expanding the Uncut universe for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut , which launched in 2012 - and boy did the Jedis show up. We received almost 2,000 of the most creative fan submissions we'd ever seen. A team of 20 judges assembled to select their favorites, and the Director's Cut ...

  • Emmy Reel

    This is the video we submitted to the Emmys. Despite all the hard work we put into this, we didn't think we would actually win!

  • Empire Uncut Teaser Trailer

    Our announcement trailer that Casey Donahue and Casey Pugh made while at Star Wars Celebration VI.

  • Empire Uncut Trailer

  • A New Hope Trailer

    This is the first trailer we made after releasing the project. Arguably, it's what lifted the project off the ground and helped make Star Wars Uncut a massive success.

  • A New Hope Teaser

    We uploaded this right as the first project was coming to a close. It's one of our favorite clips from the movie.

  • Star-Wars-Uncut-Rap.mp3

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